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Be A Lamplighter!
Join us in our goal to raise $150,000 for Jewish life at UChicago

Why the Lamplighter?

In the olden times, before electric lighting, someone was tasked with walking the streets to ignite the street lamps one at a time. The lamps would then illuminate the path for those around it.

At Chabad at UChicago we are Lamplighters. Each student that walks through the door is a lamp that can illuminate and impact their those around them. We just need to ignite their flame. 

You can be a Lamplighter. Every gift will impact a Jewish student at UChicago.


Whether it's a Shabbat dinner, Torah class, dorm Mezuzah subsidized, Chanukah on the Quad or any of the many programs and events, lives are changed at Chabad House, one lamp at a time. 

Thank you for your support,

Rabbi Yossi & Baila Brackman


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