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Student Board Application

Responsibilities to the Board and the Group

All board members are required to:

  • Act as the face of Chabad on Campus

  • Take the high road and NEVER put any other organization down.

  • Be welcoming and create a welcoming non-judgmental environment for all students regardless of background

  • Brainstorm and contribute to new ideas / events for Chabad at UChicago

  • Be aware of and spread the word about upcoming events.

  • Understand that we are part of a team and realize that teamwork and involvement is ESSENTIAL

  • Make a serious time commitment to attend bi-weekly meetings and at least 1 Shabbat dinner a month.

  • Be responsible for checking email/facebook to keep abreast of what is going on at Chabad.

  • Run all ideas by the board and Rabbi and Baila before taking any action

  • Be in contact with any committee members via email and/or in-person meetings.

Board Positions


  • Runs weekly board meetings

  • Is in touch with board members who are giving their reports at the meeting

  • Collecting reports from members prior to the meeting.

  • Coordinates with the Vice President to ensure board members/committees are completing tasks.

  • Meets with Yossi and Baila before meetings to review agenda

  • Takes care of anything Yossi and Baila might need a student to send in for Chabad.

Vice President

  • Coordinates with President to relay the status of committee members and the projects they are working on.

  • Works with subcommittees dealing with events and other programming.

  • Stays in contact with other heads of committee to make sure everyone is on track. Runs weekly board meetings


  • Responsible for doing USF budgeting training.

  • Needs to be in touch with Yossi to make the budget for the year and any other budgets including the NYC Shabbaton Leadership weekend.

Social Media/Marketing

  • Making sure Chabad at UChicago has a recognizable presence on social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram)

  • Responsible for posting a Jewish Maroon of the week (JMotW will be decided by the board during weekly meetings). - Important to make sure that answers for JMotW are edited and fixed for any grammar, spelling or other errors.

  • Should be familiar with graphic design in order to make flyers or any graphics needed for events.

​Mitzvah Corps Committee Head (future)

  • Plans monthly Mitzvah Corps events for students to do Mitzvahs and give back to the community.

  • Ask students what they would like to do to volunteer.

  • Option to have a committee of committed Mitzvah Corps students who go out monthly to do service. Of course, anyone can join this committee.

Tabling Committee Head

  • Coordinate reservations for all tables during the term. This includes welcome back week, orientation, Bull market and any other tables.

  • Coordinate staffing the table with board members, tabling committee members and other students willing to help out and get involved.

  • Coordinate getting supplies (information sheets, flyers etc) from Rabbi and Yossi.

Shabbat/Holiday Committee Head

  • The main planner for our big annual events: Campus-Wide Challah Bake (Fall) and Unity Shabbat (Spring).

  • Meets with committee separately to organize responsibilities for these events.​


Not sure if you are ready to commit fully to the responsibilities of being on the Chabad Board? That's alright! We always need help from our students, and we would LOVE to have you on a committee. This will get you involved, but not have the same level of responsibilities.


Tabling Committee

  • Responsible for helping Chabad promote itself at the tables.

  • Signing up for time slots to be at tables.

  • Best if these people have free time in their schedule on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from around 9am-2pm.


Shabbat/Holiday Committee

  • Responsible for helping plan our big annual events like Campus-Wide Challah Bake and Mega Shabbat.

  • Specific jobs will be assigned, depending on the event.

Mitzvah Corps Committee

  • Committee of people committed to attending monthly Mitzvah Corps events.

  • You will be the face of Chabad at UChicago wherever we help out in the community.

  • The commitment is just once a month and the dates can be determined in advance, if needed.

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