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Shabbat @ Chabad: 
Zero pressure. Total pleasure.

Shabbat happens at Chabad and you're invited!

Chabad is famous for its outstanding Shabbat dinners. The intimate and elegant setting allows you to meet new friends and experience the beauty of Shabbat.


From the sweet melodies at the service to the delicious chicken soup with matzah balls and Baila's warm home-baked Challa, Shabbat at Chabad is a great experience. Can't stay for the whole meal? Just stay for a piece of challah or drop by for dessert.


Either way, you're always welcome at Chabad!


Zero pressure. Total pleasure!

How do you RSVP?

We have a new texting system. You fill out the form below once, and after that you will be sent our new texting number which you will use for almost all Chabad events.

Friday Night Services: 6:30pm
Friday Night Shabbat Dinner: 7:15pm
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