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Ilan Naibryf

Ilan Naibryf was a rising 4th year student at the University of Chicago. He was born on Rosh Hashanah, September 11,1999 to Ronit and Carlos Naibryf. The first boy after two sisters Micaela and Tali. 


Ilan grew up in South Florida and came to the University in 2018 where he pursued a degree in Physics and Molecular Engineering. He focused on his passions, working as a design engineer at the University-affiliated hospital, a software specialist and an innovator. He was building a startup called Stix, the venture aimed to create an innovative debit card that clients could use stocks as cash. 


He was an exceptionally bright young man, who was always optimistic, loved life, was always happy and joyful to be around. 


Ilan served as the president of the Chabad student board, drawing students from many different backgrounds and he coordinated a variety of programs for Shabbat and the holidays. He was a proud Jew, loved to ask questions, to study and to understand the reasons for the many commandments and was unapologetic about his love for Israel. 


Ilan was a brilliant soul, full of positive energy who embraced his Judaism and found happiness in everything that he did. He was a joy to be around and brought smiles to his surroundings.

Ilan was among those who died in the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building in Surfside, Florida on June 24. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.

In near future, our renovated student lounge will be renamed the Ilan Naibryf Student Lounge. To be a part of this project, email


Max Lewis

Max Lewis was a rising third year student at the University of Chicago. Max was the son of Mark Lewis and Rebecca Rivkin and beloved brother of Eli. He was from Denver, Colorado.


Max was a very special person, hard working, kind and genuine. He was double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He was elected president of his fraternity AEPi and was director of operations for the investment research student club Promontory Research. 

His best friend and roommate, Zach Cogan described Max as an avid runner and car enthusiast, and the kind of person you could talk to about anything, “the most kind person.” 

Max enjoyed studying Jewish concepts and ideas and joined our Chabad Sinai Scholars Society. He always asked questions and wanted to know more. 

Here's a link to the Art Project Max made for his Sinai Scholars final assignment.

He had secured a coveted summer internship at investment firm Segall Bryant & Hamill. On July 1st, while commuting home from work he was hit by a stray bullet. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.

In memory Max, the Sinai Scholars program will be renamed the Max Lewis Sinai Scholars. To be a part of this project, email

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