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Shabbat FAQs

Things you should know about Shabbat at Chabad UChicago

  • Chabad has no dress code
  • You do not need to observe Shabbat to attend dinner or services
  • You can bring a friend, or two or three or four or more
  • You do not NEED to RSVP, but we really, really appreciate it when you do
  • You can RSVP for future weeks here.
  • You can arrive and leave whenever you want
  • The Brackman's don't live at Chabad, it's a student center, i.e. it's your place
  • We never charge students for Shabbat dinner at Chabad
  • On that note, yes you (or your family) can be an awesome Shabbat dinner sponsor
  • The food is (almost) always home made
  • There are many themed Shabbat dinners
  • We often host guest speakers and faculty for dinner
  • We never serve dining hall food
  • You do not need to attend services (at 6:30pm) to attend dinner (7:15pm)
  • The times of services and dinner don't change year round
  • We have transliterated prayer books
  • The service is lively and has some easy explanations
  • You will feel like family because you are!
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